LANADOR Yarns are soft, colorful and unique.

Yarn Collections 2019

100% Wool


LANADOR Fall/Winter Wool Yarn Collection 2019 includes  lovely soft colors suitable for knitting in multi color combinations or unique nuances.



Our Cotton Fall/Winter Yarn Collection 2019 include LANADOR color codes from 340 to 358. All comes in skeins or yarn balls of 100 g / 330 m.



For our Acrylic Premium Collection 2019 we selected vivid colors as well as lots of pastel colors.  Fine fibres  (2-2.5 knitting needles), 100 g / 420 m.



LANADOR Plus is a unique creation available in  pastel or vivid bright colors as well as in natural colors. It comes in handmade skeins or balls ready for knitting.

Knitting and Crocheting Ideas FOR LANADOR PLUS


LANADOR Plus is suitable for knitting or crocheting home decoration items like pillow cases. Also recommendable for knitting or crocheting winter jackets, socks or slippers. 

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LANADOR Codes 2019

100% Wool Collection for 2-2.5 knitting Needles


LANADOR collection codes from 220 to 225 include orange, grey lurex, light grey, black, beige and mulled grape colors. It comes in 100 g/400 m yarn balls suitable for 2-2.5 knitting needles.


LANADOR collection codes from 225 to 231 presents soft beautiful colors like coffee brown, harbour blue, natural white, light carmine rose, dark grey and light orange. All comes in 100 g/400m yarn balls for 2-2.5 knitting needles. 

100% Wool collection for 3-4 knitting needles


From code 200 to 209 we offer uni color options including beige, lurex beige, caramel, Ibiza blue, white, mulled grape, pink peacock, dark grey, habanero gold and light grey. All these  are coming in 100 g/300 m yarn balls.

100% WOOL collection for 3-4 knitting needles


A delightful color selection comes for LANADOR codes 210 to 219: carmin rose, purple, lime green, black, grenat, burnt orange, autumn glory, misty jade, macadamia, crocus petal. All in 100 g/300 m yarn balls.

100% acrylic yarn for 2-2.5 knitting needles


Soft and colorful LANADOR selection of Acrylic fibres  comes in a total of 29 colors. All fibre codes from  400 to 428 are coing in 100 g and 420 m yarn balls.